BJ's Commericial

I love, love, love it. Yeah, I know all my BJ hatin friends are losing faith in good ole ACO but ya gotta admit...this is a great commercial. I sent the link to all my politicos abroad....great work.

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  • A Man Among Men

    Donna 09.25.2015 20:56
    What a great tribute...
  • Mayor Primeau Speaks His Mind

    Kenneth Comfort 09.23.2015 21:35
    George, the world's foremost cancer hospital, the MD Anderson Cancer Research Center of the University ...
  • Morse Smeared in Cohoes Mayoral

    Dan 09.11.2015 09:09
    Shawn is indeed bullying. This is a fact. It could easily be proven. Yet, Shawn is a major Bully and ...
  • Mayor Primeau Speaks His Mind

    Kathleen Maloney 09.08.2015 17:57
    I give Mayor Primeau alot of credit for continuing to work during his illness and the treatment-both ...
  • Vote Your Social Conscience For Cohoes' Future

    john hickey 09.04.2015 21:38
    Im the 2nd ward leader in Cohoes I also was feel I g the same way as u, her nasty comments was getting ...